I have such fond memories of TTC. I absolutely loved my time at the college and I didn’t want to leave!

Jenny Griffiths


Where do students stay?
We have a comprehensive list of recommended host families that is sent out once a student has accepted their place with us. This list has all the details you will require including guide prices, it is then up to the student to contact the families independently and arrange to view the accommodation and discuss requirements and so on. If students (over 18) wish to rent a flat/house it is up to the individual to contact local estate agents, however we do advise students to wait until they have started their course before flat-sharing with others. We prefer students under 18 to live with host families.

Do we give scholarships?
Yes. Scholarships and fee-assisted funding are awarded to promising students on the basis of talent demonstrated at the audition, rather than financial circumstances. TTC currently operate their own programme and funding is given at the Directors’ discretion. Students are notified if they have received funding in the letter of acceptance.

A scholarship will cover the full course fees. Fee-assisted funding will cover a percentage of the full course fees and may differ from student to student. Funding from the TTC programme will not cover uniform, accommodation, travel, private lessons, extra lessons (outside college timetable), DDI/DDE, exam fees, parental contribution.

How often do students get to perform?
Students are encouraged to perform regularly with TTC. All students take part in in-house productions, performance awards (in-house competition) and throughout the term students perform within their classes in portfolio, mock-auditions and so on. Many have the opportunity to perform at Move It, Olympia, and all students perform in our summer showcase in London.

How long is a typical day?
Our days begin at 8.15am and usually finish around 5pm, although for many students extra rehearsals, exam lessons, project work and so on, is done after this time.

What does an average day consist of?
No one at TTC can commence the training day unless they have participated in the morning warm-up at 8.30am. After this classes differ from day to day to enable the full courses to be achieved. Regular classes include ballet, jazz, singing, musical theatre, acting, portfolio, contemporary, commercial and tap. Specific lessons in nutrition, fitness for dance, professional skills and masterclasses are also included. The days are always very full.

What do we come out with at the end?
Depending on the course taken, students can achieve Trinity ATCL/LTCL Diplomas leading to BA (Hons), teaching qualifications in DDI/DDE, and the prestigious TTC diploma certificate. Many graduating students are lucky to secure an agent or job after their last show.

Where can we park at TTC?
Although the college is convenient for public transport and easy to find, being on the main road means there aren’t any parking facilities, however parking is available down any of the side roads and on the main road in time-restricted bays. We do ask that you are respectful to residents and our neighbours when parking.