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BA (Hons) Degree

Students wishing to pursue a BA (Hons) Degree can do so by taking the following Diplomas alongside their course.

ATCL Diploma
(Level 4 – equivalent to Foundation Degree)
Requirements: Age 18+ (in exceptional circumstances 17 year olds can be considered). This qualification encourages candidates to be multi-skilled, reflective performers in musical theatre, showing professional potential.

Diploma content
Candidates work will include the following:; Preparation of an integrated programme of contrasting musical theatre performances; Evaluation and interpretation of published and/or original musical theatre works
Integration of the skills of acting, singing and choreographed movement/ dance in dramatic communication; Rehearsal methodologies; Discussion of works, principles and practice of musical theatre.

This qualification comprises a single unit:
Unit 1 – Performance (practical examination and viva voce)

(Level 6 – equivalent to final year of Undergraduate Degree)

Requirements – Age 19+ with ATCL Dip or equivalent qualification in place. This qualification encourages candidates to demonstrate aspects of professional competence in performance.

Diploma Content
Candidates work will involve the following
Interpretation and performance of the main varieties of musical theatre; Use of vocal and physical resources as required in musical theatre; Analysis of all aspects of musical theatre production; Knowledge of the historical development of musical theatre.

All 3 units must be passed for successful completion of the award.
Unit 1 – supporting Theory (written paper)
Unit 2 – Reflective Practice (submitted work)
Unit 3 – Performance (practical examination including Viva voce)
Conversion to BA (Hons)
Once graduated from TTC you may choose to convert your qualifications to a BA (Hons) through a Distance Learning Course at Middlesex (subject to interview). This can be achieved by competing and submitting work online, allowing students to commence working professionally whilst completing their studies. For further details please visit

Upon satisfactory completion, students are awarded a
BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Practice in the Arts from Middlesex University.